We create a popular and functional design based on the target audience research. Our visual solutions help improve the user experience with the product.

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Our Works

Hell workers union

Hell workers union

Audio performance adventure in St.Petersburg
A unique project of the famous St. Petersburg director Semyon Aleksandrovsky.

Development Process


We evaluate a business idea, as well as study competitors and target audience. We calculate the cost, develop a technical assignment, draw up an estimate and a work schedule.


We model UI/UX interface elements and develop a full-fledged interactive prototype.


We are working on the design of internal pages. We render graphic elements and create a visual image.


We make the frontend and backend parts of the project. We test the product at every development stage.


We carry out the app final testing. We transfer the project from internal servers to client servers. We publish the app in online stores.

Support and development

We optimize the finished app for the needs of the target audience and add new functionality if necessary

Why us

Process management

The development process is as predictable and transparent as possible for clients. We ensure this through a systematic approach to project management and well-organized control and planning.

Flexible development

We work using Scrum technology, where the entire development process is divided into short iterations from 5 to 10 days. The tasks of each iteration are determined at the planning stage. We demonstrate the result to the customer after completing each task

Deep analytics

We will advise you on the best technical solutions for the implementation of your idea. We will work out the business logic and functionality so that they exactly meet the requirements of the target audience.

Strong team

We are a fully distributed team of the best specialists with high competencies from all over the world. We are not limited to one city or country, so we have a fresh look at innovative solutions.


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