Mobile service from Rosgosstrakh for solving medical issues


In 2020, we started developing a mobile medical platform My_Service Med, which allowed Rosgosstrakh’s customers to perform a wide range of health-related tasks.

Development Process:

Our main task was to prepare an application for release. In order to lay the framework for the implementation of new functional capabilities and ensure optimal application support in the future, we have audited the current code and decided to strengthen the project’s architecture.

We divided the entire set of tasks into two-week sprints, upon completion of which we showed ready screens of the mobile application and discussed tasks for the next sprint. It was up to the customer to decide what kind of tasks fell into a particular sprint.

At meetings with the customer, we discussed the best practices and options for implementing the existing features. It was critical for the customer to understand that we are thinking the same way, so the initiative on our part was only welcomed.

We base the development process on the flexible Scrum methodology. This allowed us to respond quickly to new requirements and features that the customer introduced.


Via My_Service Med application the users can:

A personal medical advisor is available for each user. A personal medical advisor will help to find the right doctor or clinic and advise on any medical issues.

Online Assistance From Anywhere in The World

With the help of the application, the users of the service can get advice from leading medical experts online. Users have around-the-clock access to personal support by specialists with medical education. You can choose a doctor for an appointment from more than 50 specialties. You can get help online via chat, audio and video communication from anywhere in the world.

Health Management:

You can book a doctor’s appointment, undergo a complete physical examination in the Russian leading clinics and access other medical services right in the application.

Electronic Medical Record

Each user has access to an electronic medical record, in which it is possible to track the treatment progress, the history of visits and access the analyses results and doctor's prescriptions. 

Fair Rating of Doctors And Clinics:

The rating allows to choose the best doctor. It comprises a comprehensive assessment of doctors and clinics based on the analysis of competencies and feedback of patients who were at the doctor’s appointment.

Insurance Services Management

Holders of obligatory medical insurance (OMS) or voluntary medical insurance (DMS) policies can manage insurance services in their personal profile. You can add or remove any service from your insurance package. If the user is not yet a Rosgosstrakh’s customer, they can become one by passing a simple registration in the application.

Connect Your Relatives to The Platform

Through the application, you can connect your family so that they can utilize user’s insurance products. Using your profile, you can enable and disable services for your relatives and receive shared access to your child health card together with other lawful guardians.    


Thanks to joint efforts, we have prepared the application for release in online stores. Currently, we, together with Rosgosstrakh, continue to work on the development and optimization of the service’s functional capabilities.

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