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Mobile service for managing any processes related to real estate.                          

My_Service House

Renovating and maintaining real estate is a complex and time-consuming process. It takes the owners a lot of effort and money. According to RBC, maintaining a house in a cottage village may cost up to 150,000 rubles per month. To make maintenance easier, more technologically advanced and modern, our customer decided to create a mobile service where you can order everything you need to maintain your real estate.

About My_Service House app

My_Service House is a mobile marketplace with services for real estate owners. The application is a digital service where the user can find and order services for their real estate and get advice from specialists.

Development Process

The customer gave us a task to develop a mobile application from scratch. The backend was already partially ready when we connected it. At the beginning, we designed the architecture and determined how all the service elements would interact, as well as we created a library of components and a localization system. We agreed on this with our customer and started work.

We developed the application in two-week iterations. We regularly made requirements to each section, design, individual features, and agreed on them with the customer. To perform such an amount of work, we skipped the usual analytics stage that took us several months

App Structure

The application consists of four sections:

We decomposed each section into a set of stories, where each story is a user scenario describing how separate functional elements will interact with each other. After that the scenarios were sent to the designer to develop section layouts with a detailed screen states. The result was a detailed user scenario as separate screens with the description of transitions and animations, which we agreed on with the customer and added to the documents. From there, we proceeded directly to development.

We decided to avoid describing all the processes at once, because it would take us several months just to describe the documents alone. Thanks to our approach, while one section was under development, we were preparing a description of the other. The advantage was that the customer could get ready-to-use functionalities faster, assess and test them.

We have developed trust relations with the customer. There was a feeling of inhouse development rather than outsourcing. The opinions and suggestions of each member of our team were taken into account and discussed with the customer at meetups, who immediately appreciated and supported a fruitful development environment.


Home Screen

Using the "smart" search on the home screen, which is based not only on name matching, but also on associative matching, users can find any service, see popular ones and go to the profile of their real estate card.

Service Directory

We have designed a complex hierarchy for the service directory. It contains both integrated and separate services. We have also provided a display of products for the groups of integrated services. It differs from the usual category. The services on the marketplace include:

Users can order and pay for any service in the application. We remind you that you don't have to be a customer of an insurance company for this.

Chat with Specialists

Specialist advice is available in any section of the application. This is one of the key functions, which you can use simply by swiping.

You can get a 24/7 free advice on urgent, force majeure circumstances, such as a pipe burst. And the online communication with a repairman is chargeable. He performs diagnostics, helps the customer choose the best solution to the problem, and controls its resolution. Advice is available in video, text and audio formats.

Chargeable Advice:

My Consultant Repairman– advice on technical issues of real estate maintenance;

My Expert Repairman – advice on technical issues of maintenance with extended services;

My Consultant Foreman – advice on the cost of repair in an apartment or a house, necessary materials, the process and timing of the work;

My Expert Foreman – an on-site service to measure an apartment or a house for repairs. Also available here is the formation of estimates for work, materials and other products, such as on-site service of water filters, household appliances, air conditioning, thermal imaging diagnostics of the apartment and house. It also allows users to create estimates for work, materials and other products such as on-site maintenance of water filters, appliances, air conditioning, thermal imaging diagnostics of an apartment and a house.

User Profile

Purchase history is available in the personal account. Payment information can be added or changed here. This is where insurance company customers can add their insurance contract in the Policies section in order to order insurance products that are included in the service. You can add your real estate in your personal account and on the home screen.

To Summarize

We have developed a functional mobile service marketplace for real estate, My_Service House. Stages of agreement were fast and did not require any significant revisions. The application was released within the scheduled deadlines and coordinated deadline that was agreed on with the customer. The customer received the result he wanted: a user-friendly and functional service, which, of course, is extremely useful for insurance policy holders. Insurance policy services can be ordered in a couple of clicks, with no annoying phone calls.

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