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Any EV owner is afraid of being left without charge: the network of stations is limited, the driver has to change routes in order to charge the car, waste time on this and sacrifice plans. Volt2Go offered drivers an innovative service for the Russian market, with the help of which they can charge a car at the right time and in the convenient place. Our task was to develop a mobile app. We will tell you what came of it.

About Volt2Go and Emobility Market

According to Statista, the Emobility market is growing rapidly. The peak of its development is expected to occur during the period when the number of charging stations will increase. Over 53% of respondents consider the current charging infrastructure to be very poor.

Volt2go made a real breakthrough in the Russian charging infrastructure market. The service relieves EV owners from the need to constantly look for a charging station and wait for the car to charge. With Volt2go, the driver becomes mobile and can charge the car wherever he needs it.

Taking into account that it is more convenient for drivers to use car services on smartphones, Volt2Go decided to develop a mobile app and charged us with it.

Our Interest in the Project

We have been considering the EV market for a long time. This area seemed to us interesting and promising, and given the fact that our team had enough expertise to implement the functionality necessary for clients, we willingly took on the task.

Development Process

A client came to us with an idea, which together we turned into a task and then into a mobile app. The company offered drivers mobile EV charging stations. Our task was to package this feature into a service that can be used in a mobile app. We assessed the experience of using the existing equipment, determined the stages of implementation for ourselves and started development.

We have worked out all app business logic and its visual components. First, we conducted a thorough analysis of the industry in order to understand which interface would be user-friendly and clear for drivers. We have also developed a separate app for EV charging operators.

Key App Features

Preparing Request for Charging

To charge the car, the driver can place an application by double clicks in the mobile app. To do so, it is enough to indicate the address, car brand once and save this data in your personal account. All that is left to do is to pay for leaving. The driver can choose delayed charging, schedule it for a specific date and time, or order it immediately. In the app, you can also opt for the express charging service in 40 minutes.

Tracking Charging Status

The app allows the driver to keep track of the charging status from order confirmation to completion. The driver knows in advance when the car will be charged, so he can go to a cafe or to a meeting. The Vol2go operator himself will charge the EV. When the car is charged, money is debited automatically.

Interface for Operators

Stations operators have their own mobile app in which they receive orders and manage the charging process.

Summing Up

The development of the Volt2Go mobile service has become a valuable experience for us. We have improved our competencies and expertise in the development of e-mobility apps. Thus the client received a mobile app that actually packed his business into a ready-for-use service. With the help of the app, drivers can quickly, easily and conveniently charge their EV in the appropriate place and at the right time.

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