We were approached by a company that supplies, installs and maintains equipment. This is a multifaceted field: there are many clients, many employees of different professions, many tasks. So they needed CRM system that would become a single place for work communication and project documentation. When one project requires many different staff, fast and easy way to communicate is vital, especially when many of the staff work on-site, away from the office. For example, it is crucial for installers to be in touch with a project manager while on-site to solve issues as they arise.

To create a streamlined way of information exchange, we took a very close look at the processes within the company. We were creating this system from scratch — there was no predecessor to our product, previously all the employees were kind of on their own when it came to work processes and communication. So our task was truly creative. 

We began with web application, where we streamlined all the business processes and ensured CRM is stable even with many simultaneous users logged in. After this, we developed a mobile app so that there is a continuity between communication in the office and outside of it. Now the above mentioned installer can communicate to the project manager via the app and be sure to get all the answers there and in a timely manner. He or she doesn’t need to think about whether it’s better to call, to send an email or text message; and PM doesn’t need to check multiple communication channels — everything happens in one spot.

With this system having been implemented, there is less room for mistakes — and less missed opportunities as a result. Projects are closing smoother and faster, and the company profit grows.

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