Furry friends require not only love and care, but also good memory. When is the next vaccination? Did the animal lose weight or gain? When is time to brush the teeth? — pet owners need to keep track of all that and much more, and if there are many pets in the house this can turn into quite a challenge. Mobile app PetPassport keeps all this info neatly organized and reminds owners when their action is required. It’s a digital version of pet passport with all the essential info about the owner, breeder, microchip number, vaccinations and such, but unlike the paper one, this passport cannot be lost, stolen of forgotten. 

But PetPassport is so much more than health and hygiene tracker. The app allows one to create events from a pet’s life and upload images into each event. The images can be accessed either via Life Events or via gallery. From major events such as moving the house or mating to birthdays or just another cosy evening together, the number of Life Events is unlimited, and so are the number and species of pets. The app allows creating and storing multiple pet profiles, with all the shared information such as owners’ details being automatically copied in the second and following profiles.

We took over this project from another developer. The app was already in the AppStore and Google Play, and there were some users already. Unfortunately, they were mostly not happy with the app. People loved the idea and the announced functionality of the app, but the first developer failed to make it fully functional and stable. There were issues uploading the pictures, but the major problem was that the app would lose profiles after the app updates. 

This defeated the purpose: the app created as a sort of advanced memory storage must be reliable if nothing else. We fixed the issue ensuring the app is stable, solved the images upload problem. Also, we added the opportunity for multiple profiles and made it super easy to switch between them — it takes one swipe.

Currently we are working on developing the functionality further, as well as maintaining the stability. Our next step coming soon — adding a tab summarizing info about all pets in one household. 

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