How do I choose the right It contractor? How do I choose the right It contractor?

How do I choose the right It contractor?

Finding and choosing a reliable contractor to develop their Internet resources is a big headache for every entrepreneur. Lack of knowledge and experience in IT-development does not allow to properly assess the quality of services, and a large number of developers on the market only makes IT-partner choice more difficult. We have gathered some important points you have pay attention to before you search and negotiate with contractors: 

Clearly define the objectives that the product will address.

To ensure that the product you want to receive as the result fully meets the requirements of your target audience, try to answer the following questions in detail:

- For whom and for what do you make the product?

- What problems will it solve for your customers? 

- What functionality should it possess

Answering these questions, it will be much easier to make a competent T3, after all, the more detailed the technical task is drawn up, the faster and more effective the process of interaction with the contractor will be.

Rate your capabilities

Calculate how much you are ready to invest in development, optimization and further maintenance. The obtained figure will be based on communication with potential it contractors .

Calculate the time spent

If you need an application or site “here and now,” it is likely to be expensive. Average development time from 2 to 6 months, depending on the complexity of the project. If there is no hurry, the first step will be to release the first version of the product, with a basic number of features/information, and you will have enough time to complete the product.

What are the criteria for evaluating the reliability of a developer company?


The availability of cases gives an understanding of whether the company has relevant development experience and the necessary technical skills to implement your project. It is also worth paying attention to the presence of well-known or simply large companies in the portfolio.

Cost of services

Do not hesitate to ask the company to justify the terms and cost of the development services or provide detailed estimates of the work, because the prices in it-sphere are very different. Cheap - often means lack of experience, and consequently, poor performance. It is expensive, as a rule, it means high quality, but not always fast. In order to be more cost-oriented, it is necessary to analyze the price on the it market for a particular product or to obtain at least 3-5 offers from different companies.

Investments in the development of the project should not be considered as an expense item, but as an investment in the future of your company.


This means not politeness and tact, but correctly posed questions and the real interest of the contractor in the project. The company representative should ask you as much detail as possible about the goals and objectives you want to achieve, about your expectations from the project. We will also provide expert advice from the contractor on your project to help you realize your ideas in the most effective way possible. 

Business proposal

The completeness and details of the business proposal are a serious indicator of the level of the company. Your manager should take into account all the points you have mentioned and provide a phased estimate of the cost and timing of the work. It is desirable to show the result that will be obtained at each stage.

Perhaps these are the most important criteria for assessing the level of qualification and reliability of the future it partner.