Why is it beneficial to choose a cross-platform development method? Why is it beneficial to choose a cross-platform development method?

Why is it beneficial to choose a cross-platform development method?

The mobile app market is growing exponentially. If your site is a priority visit from mobile devices or you sell goods or services on the Internet, it is time to think about developing your own mobile application.

If you want to create a convenient and functional application for a wide target audience, without high financial and time costs, then cross-platform technology is what you need.

It was previously used predominantly to create simple games and mobile apps, but currently cross-platform technology has stepped far ahead and most companies are opting for it, when developing their apps.

Cross-platform, implies creating applications that can run on both IOS and Android, unlike native applications that are written to a specific phone operating system (OS). Thus, cross-platform applications enable businesses to reach their entire target audienc

Advantages of cross-platform applications.

Development time

The development uses a single source code that is suitable for both platforms, which significantly reduces the time to develop and improve current versions of the APP

Reduce development costs

In terms of cost savings, this method is considered the most profitable. The cross-platform method eliminates the need to hire multiple developers for each platform. The speed of development will significantly save the budget for the programr's hours. This is especially beneficial for small businesses.


The big advantage is that most of the code is possible reuse to develop new applications. Also, a single code base allows you to keep the same appearance of the application on different devices.

The simplicity of support and maintenance

Cross-platform applications are very simple and cost effective to support, as upgrades and maintenance are cheaper and faster.

What to use it for?

By selecting a cross-platform development, you can create an application of any type and complexity. The functionality that can be implemented in the application is not limited.

Our experience with cross-platform applications shows that customers use them both for their internal tasks and for their customers.

In our cross-platform applications, there are projects such as: Iqito, Prodexy, Pet Passport, for which we used languages: React Native and even Flutter.

To summarize

Cross-platform development is a good alternative to native mobile application development, which requires more investment and reduces development time, allowing all large companies to build their own application.