Own CRM or a box-end solution? Own CRM or a box-end solution?

Own CRM or a box-end solution?

According to the research of 2019, each 7th company in Russia uses a CRM system. It is an indispensable tool for automating business processes. It can “delegate” customer accounting, sales analytics, employee controls, and more.

On the Russian CRM market, there are many ready-made, "box" solutions for any goals and tasks. But why do more small and large businesses opt to develop their own CRM system?

Costs of development

The cost of developing your own CRM may seem larger compared to box. But calculate how much you will pay for its implementation, the development of the missing modules for you, as well as the10-year fee for box solution. The amounts won 't be that different. The efficiency of own CRM is many times higher.

Your own CRM is developed specifically for your tasks. No more, no less. Own CRM, meets the needs of your business, unlike the "box," which is stuffed with many different functions designed for the mass user.

Full integration

Custom CRM systems are designed to meet all the needs and nuances of a particular business. As a rule, employees and managers are asked to describe their tasks during the development process. It is on the basis of this that the entire functionality is developed.

Employee training costs

It is not enough to implement CRM-system, it is necessary to teach the staff to use it. And employees tend to actively oppose it and there are some reasons. But if, the whole system is designed with their help and helps to automate and simplify the solution of the tasks. Another point in favor of custom CRM.

Completion and integration

Usually, the price and speed of implementation of box solutions seem very attractive. But often, we do not take into account the time and financial costs that the company will incur in the process of developing the missing modules. Also, native CRM, will already be integrated with the required options- telephony, accounting, web analytics, mail, corporate site and so on.

Of course, developing your own CRM takes considerable effort and time. But it is worth looking at this as an investment in the business. The CRM system can repeatedly increase the efficiency of the business, and accordingly the income of the company with the right approach.